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renaissance, part II

Machina’s MIDI Jacket Turns Dance Moves Into Sound | via The Creators Project

Sapeurs - A Short Documentary by GUINNESS (2014). long-form content countering the brevity trend

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Sound of Honda - recreating Ayrton Senna’s 1989 lap. “don’t think, feel”

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Pave. invest in groups of talent that matter to you

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NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar

Happily disgusted? 15 new emotions ID’d - CNN.com

recycled Louisville Slugger baseball bats repurposed into sunglasses - The Shwood

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Turning Crowds Into Light Canvases With PixMob (The Creators Project)

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Bomb shelters as underground farms
David Pescovitz, boingboing.net

Under­ground the city of Lon­don are eight mas­sive bomb shel­ters like the one pic­tured above that have been empty or used as doc­u­ment stor­age for more than 50 years. Now, one of them is being trans­formed into a sub­ter­ranean farm. The…

Bomb shelters as underground farms. http://flip.it/ncDxc

'average' Barbie is heaps more beautiful (via creators project)

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